Here's what's happening.
Registration Saturday 09:00

Held at the Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street. Bring your student ID, proof of age and your e-ticket.

Opening ceremony Saturday 10:30

Held at George Square Lecture Theatre — follow the volunteers! A word from organisers, some house rules, sponsor introductions and all hacktastic things.

Hacking starts Saturday 12:00

Let the fun begin. You may go and talk to our sponsors about their challenges or think of things you can do!

Lunch Saturday 12:00

Served outside the Forum.

Team building Saturday 12:30-13:00

Come to the helpdesk area to find all the other folks looking for a team!

Git Workshop Saturday 13:30-14:30

Location TBC. Learn the basics of a hackathon essential.

Skyscanner API Workshop Saturday 14:30-15:00

Learn how to use the Skyscanner APIs to build the best travel hack.

Python and Flask Workshop Saturday 15:00-16:30

Possibly the most popular microframework in the world and another hackathon essential for Python lovers!

Machine Learning Workshop Saturday 16:30-17:00

Get to know the basics of Machine Learning in 30 minutes.

Test Driven Development (TDD) Workshop Saturday 17:00-18:00

Hosted by Craneware.

Dinner Saturday 19:00

Served in the café area

Code Golf minigame Saturday 21:30-22:30

Write a simple program to complete the given task in any language you like - the shortest correct code wins!

Slideshare Karaoke Saturday 22:00

The rules are simple — we give you a random powerpoint presentation to present in two minutes. The best improv wins.

Sleep Saturday 23:00—09:00

Ask our volunteers in red shirts to show you de way to the sleeping.

Midnight Pizza Sunday 00:00

Come snack on some artesan pizza to keep you going.

Werewolf! Sunday 01:00

Cool game.

Breakfast Sunday 08:00

IF YOU HAVE A DIETARY REQUIREMENT (GF, VEGAN), PLEASE GO FIRST. Catered from a van outside the building.

Hack submission Sunday 11:00-12:00

Submit your hack on Devpost!

Hacking ends Sunday 12:00

Make sure you submit your project on DevPost by this time. Get ready to present your work to the judges. Awesome prizes await!

Lunch Sunday 12:00

Served outside the Forum

Judging Sunday 13:30—14:30

Science fair style. Tidy up your desk and showcase what you've made to the judges and fellow hackers.

Award ceremony Sunday 15:00

MAKE SURE TO TAKE ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS WITH YOU. Hosted in George Square Lecure Theatre.

Hackathon ends Sunday 17:00

Last good byes and kisses before you leave Hack the Burgh. We hope to see you next year!

Hack the Burgh

Best 3 projects overall.


Do something exciting with Arm's prototype IoT hardware. It has sensors, lights, thermometer etc. a screen and most importantly WiFi. (£200)


Save The World! Make something positive and helpful for humanity. (£200)


Build a digital version of a children's playground game. (£500)


Draw an Octocat and tweet with "#HackTheBurgh". Win an Octocat statue!

JP Morgan#sponsor-jpmorgan

Make a fake news detector for social media. (£200)

Morgan Stanley#sponsor-morganstanley

Make a bot to play multiplayer Doom. (£500)


Best use of Skyscanner APIs. (£100 in air vouchers for each participant)

  • Slack is the primary tool of communication between hackers, sponsors and organisers
  • An organiser for any problems.
  • 999 for critical life or death situations.
Teams In order to be eligible for a challenge prize, you team needs to consist of up to 4 people. There is nothing to stop you working alone or in a pair, however.

Eduroam is available for use.

If you do not have eduroam or if you are experiencing connection issues, please contact one of the organisrs and we will sort it out for you.

Have more questions? You will find most answers to your questions in the participant handbook below. Alternatively, do not hesitate to ask on Slack!